1 Plants Dacrycarpus dacrydioides White Pine

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This auction is for 1 plant in 10 cm pots Can get more when you bid

NZ Native kahikatea Some times called by English name of White Pine which is incorrect as not a pine

White Pine Grows to 20m x 4m Prefers shelter when young will tollerate wet conditions. suitable as specimen type tree.

Pot size 5 cm Current height from top of pot 20 - 25 cm

Can combine with other auctions or I can set up auction for amount required from this or other auctions. Also if there is a plant we are not listing ask as we may have a limited number or be able to source for you. Please use the Question and answer to ask for an auction to be set up

Dispatch: To avoid plants being in transit over the weekend I normally will send on Mondays Tuesdays or Wednesdays

I only post photographs that I have taken to avoid copyright infringement and I usually take photograph at time I first post the auction so as a living thing there can be some changes

The size of the plant can be gauged by the pot size but if not sure please ask

I concentrate on these smaller plants to make best use of the courier rates

I Usually give feedback once I know fruit or plants have arrived safely and there are no problems to sort out